Thank you. Yes, YOU!

Thank you. Yes, YOU!

I just wanted to write a little something to thank everyone who came out to the shows on this last tour which ended last Saturday night in Brooklyn (where it all began!)  This tour was such a pleasure as they always are. I genuinely love doing stand-up and part of that is because my fans are the fucking absolute best. You’re smart, respectful, and fun. I couldn’t ask for a better job. 

Along the way I was offered the opportunity to put out my last special on a limited-edition run of colored vinyl which is pretty cool, and we poked gentle fun at the fact that our elections were hacked by the sworn enemy of democracy by producing 100 unique, one-of-a-kind Russian MAGA hats that are now proudly being displayed all throughout America and Canada. 

This tour was a bit different than last as there were not nearly as many angry walkouts as last time. I think that may be in part due to the fact that Trump has been president for a year and a half whereas last time he was but a a sad clown who dared to dream* big. Now that we know for a fact that he’s a bitter psychotic criminal, things feel…different. But hey, there was still plenty of drama to be had. Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, I’m talking to you! But that’s part of the fun, no? If you’re gonna do sixty shows all over the “United” states and Canada and a teeny part of Europe, well there are bound to be a few crazies.    

I was so very bummed, and more than a little surprised that I had to cancel six (!) shows because of low ticket sales. I’ve never had to cancel a show before. Ever. But outside of two legit scheduling issues, the rest were due to “lack of interest” as the venues like to euphemistically put it. Can’t believe Dallas was one of them. New Haven I can see, but… Dallas?! I’ve never had anything but great shows there going back to when I first played there in 2002. Was really looking forward to it. They’re always a little rowdy (in a good way) and fun. That’s alright, we’ll get ‘em next time. But, on the plus side, I got to spend more time with my daughter. And she, (and my wife who was busy on the tour promoting her latest book – get it, it’s great!) greatly appreciated my extra attention during those pivotal super nasty diaper changes. 

Oh! And we shot a special in Ashville, NC (which came out great!) and is currently being shopped around and I will let y’all know where and when you can see it. As for now, I’m gonna take a little bit of time off and be a good dad and a relatively good husband and then get right back in it. There are a couple of film projects that will keep me busy for the next six months or so and then who knows, maybe a tour sooner rather than later. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you to all of you guys, you are the best!!!


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