...america... really, really great! Bundle

UPDATE 6/21: Okay.... well these are sold out now. Thank you to everyone who got one! And we're very sorry that they're gone now for those of you who didn't. Maybe we'll make some new ones sometime. But in the meantime, the ...america...pretty good? bundle is still available. Get one. It's really pretty good. 
As anybody who really knows me knows, my greatest passion in life is needlepoint. Outside of my suspicious and almost desperate need for Russian approval, I'd say needlepoint is my "raison d'être" as my enemies, the French, might say. But fuck the French, they're not Russians who are my life-long friends. 
So in preparation for my comedy tour, OH COME ON (coming soon to, or just leaving, a town near you!), I spent several hundred hours working on some hand-made, machine-approved, gifts for you. With that, I proudly give you the america… really, really great! vinyl-lovers bundle.

The ...america... really, really great! bundle includes:

  • An autographed copy of ...america... great... on limited-edition tricolored vinyl
  • An ...america...great... vinyl slip mat
  • Your own unique (no repeats) Russian MAGA-ish hat
Yes, get your very own "СТОРМИ И ДОННИ НАВСЕГДА!” or "ГЛОБАЛЬНОЕ ПОТЕПЛЕНИЕ - ОБМАН” or even "ДА, НО ЕЁ ИМЕЙЛЫ…" or, one of my personal favorites "СУКА ПУТИНА.”  Tweet me or post a photo of the hat with #OhComeOn and I will tell you what it means or you tell me what it means and I'll verify. 
No two hats are the same! Wear it proudly and OWN THOSE LIBS!!!!

One very, very lucky winner will open their package to find a Golden Ticket which will shower you with riches! The holder of the Golden Ticket will receive 4 tickets to ANY show on my tour. And you and yours can come backstage and join me for a beer, a tea, a wine, or a potato chip. Trust me, I will make it fun, valuable, and perhaps delicious.


Golden (Shower) Ticket

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