Autographed OH COME ON CD

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Autographed copy of David's 2018 OH COME ON on CD.

Track Listing:

  1. Shooting the Shit / Too Soon?
  2. Baby Failure 
  3. Father Failure 
  4. Small Talk 
  5. Clown Pain Fun 
  6. Narcissism and the Slow March to Oblivion
  7. Truth = Cynicism 
  8. We're Different People 
  9. A Couples Colonic?! 
  10. Sort Of (Couples Colonic, Pt. 2)
  11. But Not Really (Couples Colonic, Pt. 3) 
  12. How the Sausage Is Made (Couples Colonic, Pt. 4)
  13. And Speaking of Taking a Rape Shower… 
  14. One Can Only Dream 
  15. My Very Extra Special Trump Fantasy
  16. Encore 

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