Greetings from America’s Sweetheart, David Cross (January 31, 2020)

Greetings from America’s Sweetheart, David Cross (January 31, 2020)
Hello everybody!

It’s me, your guardian devil checking in. I can’t believe it’s already 2020. I have mixed feelings about the end of America but I think we had a pretty good run. Things got a little hairy in 1929 through the late 30’s and then again in ‘72 but we pulled through it. And now here we are at the end. Probably made it longer than we deserved to really. Here’s to new beginnings!

I was hoping to have another tour ready for this summer (I started developing new material back in the fall) but then I got a job shooting “Genius – Aretha Franklin” a limited series in Atlanta through mid April so I had to put it on hold for a bit. But I have some juicy new shit that I can’t wait to put altogether and take it on the road. I have one new bit about whether it’s okay to jerk off to one’s…well, I suppose I should save it for when I can do it live, but it’s a corker. A real audience divider!

Once this show is done shooting, I will get right back to getting the hour together.

But I gotta say, the single best thing about shooting this show is not just that I get to play Jerry Wexler, Aretha’s real life producer/champion, nor that I get to affect his oddly deep Bronx accent, but that one of my oldest and closest comedy friends is playing him in a different production as well. Marc Maron is playing him in the Jennifer Hudson version (also filming in Atlanta). Pretty weird/cool. If the two of us were in wardrobe and make-up and ran into each other I believe there would be a shift in the time/space continuum. We should experiment and find out.

I am doing a handful of sets or shows when I’m back in NY on a little break if you want to check them out. Keep looking back here and as the dates get solidified I’ll post them. I’m doing a show in Atlanta on wed the 5th but that sold out in a matter of hours so to tell you about it would just seem like bragging…oh…wait. But yeah, check here or Twitter for info on those shows coming up. They’ll be in NY during Feb. and Atlanta if I’m there with time off in between shooting.

Also a lot of people (Vegas types) have been asking me about my Super Bowl prediction so here it is: Kansas City Chiefs 162 and S.F. 49ers 154

I think it’s going to be close but I think KC gets the ball with a minute and change at the end and scores a final TD and then, just to be dicks, insist on going for 2. And while Roger Goodell convenes in Jerry Jones’s

VIP porto potty to figure out how to not take the blame for allowing it, KC steals the Stanley Cup from the St. Louis Outback Steakhouse in Fenton.  You can bank on it!

Also, the other day my daughter (not even three yet) referred to Penis’s as, “silly vagina’s”, so she is well on her way to writing material for me.

See you soon!