David's Interview with Paste Magazine (May 21, 2018)

by Brendan O'Malley May 21, 2018

David's Interview with Paste Magazine (May 21, 2018)

When David Cross last went on a stand-up tour, Donald Trump hadn’t been elected president yet. The reality TV host’s political ambitions had already left a huge impact on Cross’s act, though. The co-creator of Mr. Show and co-star of Arrested Development called that 2016 jaunt the “Making America Great Again!” tour, and as our review of the Netflix special attests, it was a stridently political hour that dug in hard against the anti-intellectualism and demagoguery of the Republican party.

Next week Cross launches his first stand-up tour since Trump’s election with a headlining slot at The Onion Comedy and Arts Festival in Chicago. (You can buy tickets here.) Everything he railed against in 2016 has only gotten worse since, as Cross seems to acknowledge in the exasperated title of his “Oh Come On” 2018 World Tour. His new set, built from months of heavy work in the Brooklyn area, should see Cross return to his comfort zone, which, if you’re familiar with his stand-up, you realize can be pretty uncomfortable for others.

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