David Cross on Finding Comedy in Unfunny Times (Shepherd Express)

David Cross on Finding Comedy in Unfunny Times (Shepherd Express)

When David Cross filmed his confrontational 2016 comedy special Making America Great Again!, Donald Trump had yet to secure the Republican nomination and Cross, like many observers, was dead certain he’d never actually be elected president. What a difference two years makes. Cross is now touring an even more-divided country behind a new show while trying to process what feels like a constant barrage of dismaying headlines. Ahead of his stop at the Pabst Theater on Friday, July 13, and with Trump’s policy of family separation fresh in the news, the alternative comedy veteran spoke to the Shepherd Express in late June about finding the right balance between humor and politics.

What kind of subjects are you tackling on your current tour?

Well, as you know, I placed 14th in the annual bass fishing contest, so that’s really what my world has been about. I’m doing roughly an hour and 15 minutes, and I’d say a good hour of it is about bass fishing—both domestic and international, and the different approaches. I have a whole story about bass fishing in Tunisia and how they bait their hooks differently. It’s pretty fun stuff! Hmmm, what else? I love talking about muscle cars and my muscle car, so it’s mostly muscle cars and bass fishing. And bowling.

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