Announcing my brand-new comedy special, I'M FROM THE FUTURE

Announcing my brand-new comedy special, I'M FROM THE FUTURE

Hi Everyone,

It is with great pride and prejudice that I tell you that my newest special, I'M FROM THE FUTURE will premiere with a livestream (of the recorded show) on Saturday, Feb. 12 at 5 PT / 8 ET. Tickets are available now here 
or on my website at

Please note that you don't have to actually be there at exactly that time to watch- the ticket allows you to watch anytime after the livestream through Feb. 22 - but it would be cool to have all of you there if you can make it. I think (hope!) you'll like the special. I made it myself in Brooklyn and I'm really proud of it, especially the opening'll see.

There are 2 different tickets available if you go here:

1. A ticket to the livestream which allows you to watch the live premiere at 5 PT / 8 ET. That's $10. If you can't make it to the premiere but still want to watch, with this ticket you'll be able to watch on demand anytime between the live premiere and February 22 (so, 10 days to watch).

2. A ticket that gives you the above as well as a spot at the live Q&A with me which will immediately follow the livestream as well an autographed (by me, or my therapist, your choice) poster for I'M FROM THE FUTURE. That's $50



Also, a HUGE thank you to the people listed below who volunteered their time to put up posters getting the word out about the show in their hometowns as well as everyone who replied back to that request and volunteered to help- the response was absolutely overwhelming and incredibly humbling. It's such a trite and excessively used thing that people in the entertainment industry say, but I really mean it when I say I have the best fans in the world. No question about it. Second, or at the very least, third-best fans in the world (and I'm including India!) 

Thanks for reading and I really hope to see you on February 12 for the premiere.



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