A little update on the ACLU thing (November 15, 2016)

A little update on the ACLU thing (November 15, 2016)

Добрый день, товарищи!

You didn't ask for it but I don't give a tinker's diddly, here it is, because much like Toronto's own Snow, I too, am an Informer. So... a little update on the ACLU thing: First, THANK YOU ALL for the overwhelmingly positive response! We sold out of all the CDs (except for the one I spilled diet Mountain Dew all over and then used to prop up the microwave). Since we don’t have any more CDs to sell at this point (we might again in the future- maybe even some vinyl(!)- but won’t until after the holidays), we’ve decided to also include in the donation any DIGITAL purchases of the album made between Nov. 22 (when the matching donation drive started) and Dec. 26. 

You can buy the digital version of the album on the site here. It’s $10 and, as with the CDs, I’ll give 100% of that to the ACLU and will match it with another $10.

We'll announce the full donation amount sometime soon after the 26th.

Very extremely sincere thanks again for the support and incredible response on this. Really, really, great. Almost makes you feel like America isn’t a country in which 46% of the voters thought a totally unqualified reality TV show host should be president. But hey, "lesser of two evils" right? Alright, was hoping to get through this without any snarky remarks. Let's try to find something positive to go out on...there's this I guess, 2017 should be a banner year for the malware industry!

Oh, and don't know if you heard but ...america...great... has been nominated for a Grammy! Oddly enough in the Best Latin Jazz Album category, but I'll take what I can get!

Merry Holidays!